daily service ideas

We can make this Christmas season happier by showing love the same way Jesus did during His mortal ministry. If you’re not sure how, these suggestions are a great place to start.

For example: the 2021 December #LightTheWorld calendar below suggests that we freely give on November 30, 2021. "Jesus gave freely. We can, too. Visit a
Giving Machine near you or donate time or money to a charity doing good in your area. Post a link so others can donate as well."

We anticipate a similar calendar of daily service ideas to be available soon for December 2022. We will post the updated December 2022 calendar if/when it becomes available. In the meantime, there's no need to wait until December. Giving of yourself with selfless acts of service will #LightTheWorld around you now...you are officially invited to use these ideas (or your own) starting now.

To download your own printable PDF copy, please click here.

LightTheWorld Calendar with Daily Service Ideas 2021.jpg